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MySF Manager Overview

MySF - Control, Compliance & Cost Savings for Self Managed Super Funds

"It takes the headache out of compliance so I can focus on performance."

MySF - Investment Strategy

MySF - Market value Chart

MySF - Dividends

Simplifed compliance

MySF Manager offers the most comprehensive suite of compliance features available in any SMSF software product, which includes:

- Customisable asset classes, allocation groups and investment strategy.
- Comparison of actual investments against strategy at the click of a button.
- FCPA designed, double entry accounting system with full general ledger.
- Built in capital gains tax and discount rules with automated CGT calculations.
- Correct handling of pension and accumulation modes.
- Comprehensive asset, financial and member reports at the click of a button.
- Correct treatment of tax deferred income.

Instant information

MySF Manager instantly shows you the total value of your fund and the percentage invested in various the asset classes, including instances where the exposure is through managed investments. Of course you can modify the existing list of asset classes and add others if you wish.

Automatic revaluations

MySF Manager is the only self managed superannuation software that delivers a seamlessly integrated data feed of ASX prices without requiring additional fees or fiddly manual download. This is just another way that MySF Manager helps you save time and money while providing you with up to date information about your portfolio.

Risk control, targets and optimisation

MySF Manager enables you to see your exposure levels to any asset allocation category, even if some of your exposure is through managed investments. This way you can not only view where your money is, but take action to adjust exposure levels whenever needed. Additionally, MySF Manager will show you the tax implications of any sales before you process them, so you can make a more informed decision about which shares you wish to sell and when.

Big picture to minute detail

MySF Manager’s many reports and sophisticated charts enable you to see the whole picture or drill down to the smallest level of detail. This includes many financial, asset and transaction reports as well as sophisticated, attractive and useful charts that help to visualise information.

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