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MySF Professional Pricing for CPA, ICAA, FPA and NIA Members

It is our view that anyone with a SMSF should use an accredited Financial Advisor. All clients are different, and some will want to run the day to day transactions of the Fund, while others will want this service to be provided by their Financial Advisor or Accountant

Financial Advisors and Accountants can also purchase MySF Manager in order to record and manage their clients SMSF on their behalf.

In this situation management of the software is reversed, and the read only software, Advisor Link is provided to the client, while the Financial Advisor retains MySF Manager. This allows the Financial Advisor to send a read only version of the Funds transactions to the client on an as needed basis.

One advantage of using MySF for Financial Advisors is that all of the clients information is contained in a single database, and there is a potential to dramatically reduce the time required to prepare reports. The Client has the ability to prepare their own reports using the Standard Reports or Report Writer in MySF.

For FPA, ICAA, CPA and NIA Members the MySF Manager software is offered only on a rental basis. The rental is based on the number of funds administered.


Number of Funds


Rental Price per annum (pa)

Up to 10 funds

$ 770.00 pa

Up to 50 funds

$ 1,650.00 pa

Up to 100 funds

$ 2,420.00 pa

Up to 200 funds

$ 2,860.00 pa

Up to 300 funds

$ 3,630.00 pa

Up to 400 funds

$ 4,400.00 pa

Over 400 funds

$ 1,100.00 per 100 funds pa

The annual rental fee allows access to the MySF Forum and also includes all product updates.

There is no limit to the number of users that can use the software within a single legal entity. Purchasers will be required to verify the number of funds being administered on an annual basis and adjust licences accordingly if required.

The first year's rental is payable in advance at the time of signing up through the MySF website.

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If you prefer to pay by Cheque or Money Order please download an order form.

Click here to read the MySF End User License Agreement


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