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MySF DIY Manager Pricing Options

The DIY Version of MySF Manager is available with or without updates, and with or without support.







Total (inc GST)

DIY Manager Subscription Pack
(all 3 below) - Recommended

$ 600.00
$ 60.00
$ 660.00

MySF Manager - software only

$ 360.00
$ 36.00
$ 396.00
Software Updates (12 months)

$ 180.00
$ 18.00
$ 198.00
Support (email, forum - 12 months)
** conditions below

$ 120.00
$ 12.00
$ 132.00
 MySF - Control, Compliance & Cost Saving for Self Managed Super Funds

Subscription Pack (all 3 above)

MySF Manager is available to DIY Managers for a cost of $660.00. This is a saving of $66 on buying the components individually.
This is a single fund license and cannot be used to administer multiple funds on behalf of other people.

Full access is also provided to the MySF Forum as well which is an area to exchange ideas with other MySF users.

As a recommendation, most new users of MySF Manager tend to purchase the subscription pack which allows them to contact the MySF support services if they run into some complicated entries or are having any other issues. Once their first year using the software has expired, most users are confident enough to continue using MySF Manager without the need for the support services and they usually only renew the annual software updates.

Click here to purchase MySF DIY Manager using our secure online payment gateway.


If you prefer to pay by Cheque or Money Order please download an order form.
Complete the form and mail it together with your Cheque or Money Order to the address located at the bottom of the form.
If you wish to download an order form for support and/or updates renewal, please click here.

** Support is provided only for the current release version of MySF Manager. Any customer requesting support who does not have the latest version of MySF Manager will be required to apply the latest software update before receiving support.

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